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Sell your house fast for whatever reason without the hassles!

Need Repairs? Got to Relocate out of Town Quickly? Foreclosure? Selling it with a Realtor or FSBO not working for you?

We handle it all in a friendly, Simple, Effective, and Efficient manner.

We Buy Houses in San Antonio and Surrounding Areas with 3 Easy Steps

It’s Very Simple

Step 1: FREE Consultation

Step 2: No-obligation CASH OFFER/or Offers that Fit Your Situation

Step 3: FAST Close regardless of Your Situation

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The Consultation call consists of: Getting some basic information about your situation and the home itself and identifying whether you are a fit for one of our House Buying Programs.

The Most Common Methods we use to Buy Your House are our:

  1. Cash Buying Program
    Buying Your House for Cash – We Can:
    • Buy it Cash
    • Buy it As-Is
    • Close Quickly
    • You don’t pay Realtor Commissions
    • You don’t pay Closing Costs
    • You won’t have any Holding Costs
    • You won’t have Strangers trampling through your house or disturbing your evening and weekend plans.
  2. Mortgage Assignment Program
    Buying Your House Through our Mortgage Assignment Program – We Can:
    • Buy it As-Is, Close Quickly
    • You don’t pay Realtor Commissions
    • You don’t pay Closing Costs
    • You Minimize your Holding Costs depending on how quickly you sell to us.
  3. Owner Finance Program
    Buying Your House Through our Owner Financing Program – We Can:
    • Buy it at Close to Retail Price
    • Buy it As-Is, Close Quickly
    • No Realtor Commissions
    • Minimal Holding Costs to you depending on how quickly you sell to us.

Cash Buying Program

Most Houses that qualify for our Cash Offer Program are Property Owners in some of or a combination of the following situations:

  • About to be Foreclosed on
  • 30/60/90 Days late on their Mortgage payment and they’re just a month or two if not weeks away from being put on the Foreclosure list
  • Probate Owners who inherited a house they don’t want or can’t manage or wish to landlord
  • House that needs to many Repairs
  • The Owner(s) need to move Quickly/Relocate
  • Divorce
  • Tired of Landlording
  • Vacant Houses
  • Need cash to cover an unexpected emergency or financial situation

Mortgage Assignment Program

The Majority of Houses that qualify for our Mortgage Assignment Program are Property Owner(s) in some of the following situations:

  • Do not want to pay a 2nd Mortgage for a house they’ve moved out of
  • Don’t want to be landlords after they’ve relocated and moved on to their next house
  • Have no Equity in the house, i.e. they still owe what they bought the house for or close to it
  • Have owned the house for less that 4 – 5 years
  • They have no Equity in the house, owned the house less than 4 – 5 years, and they must relocate quickly
  • Are close to being Foreclosed on or Will be in less than 90 days
  • Are willing to sell the House for what they owe so they can relocate quickly, save money, or just relieve the Stress and Burden the house is causing them

Owner Financing Program

Majority of Property Owner(s) that qualify for our Owner Financing Program are Sellers who:

  • Haven’t been able to sell their house for over 90 days
  • Had their listing Expire or had to Cancel or Withdraw their Listing
  • FSBO and working with a Realtor haven’t produced positive results, a sale
  • Are unable to get their asking price for the house
  • Are willing to sell on terms to get their asking price
  • Are interested in selling their house while still getting a monthly passive income from the house
  • Are not interested in being Landlords, the hassles that come with it, and the costs that come with it, i.e. Property Managers, Continual Repairs, Damage to their House, Evictions, Police being called to their Property to name a few
  • Would like their retirement secured by an asset (the physical real property) vs. having their money tied up in paper assets whose value fluctuates or is volatile
  • Are interested in the savings on Capital Gains Tax from the sale of the house and in keeping more of their hard-earned money
  • Can transfer the Note easily from an Owner Finance Transaction with us to a third party or loved one as opposed to having to go through liquidating the property through probate

These Top 3 Methods are the most common method we can buy your house.

There are other methods to buy your house but those would be identified and discussed with you during our consultation call.

Chavel Diaz

I started in the Real Estate Investment business in 2014 specializing in Pre-Foreclosures and Mortgage Assignments. During my Real Estate Investing career, I’ve had the opportunity to make a living while helping people struggling to buy and sell a house. In particular, Owners struggling through a pending foreclosure. I can buy their house and provide them relief for their problem, or I can advise them on what’s the best way to save their house from Foreclosure, and do it at no charge.

I believe the success I’ve had is due to large part in treating people fairly and with empathy for their situation.

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